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Ultra Boost / NMD Basics Flat Laces - Glow In The Dark


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These laces are pure white when in light and can be a great replacement for your current set of white laces, with some added coolness at night.


These are custom-made by Slickieslaces for Ultra Boost and NMDs. However, the versatility allows it to be used on any shoes with 3-4 pairs of eyelets. If you are looking for a replacement pair of laces for the freakishly long stock laces on NMDs, you can get them here.

At 80CM, our NMD laces has little to no excess lace resulting in the perfect knot. No more dog ears shoe lace tips flapping by the sides of your shoes. 

At 100CM, these are perfect for Ultra Boost. You can also tie a perfect knot with no excess lace. If you want a tie-less look, go for 80CM on Ultra Boost.

Comes with transparent tips. 

Lace tips are slim and can be fitted through Ultra Boost / NMD eyelets easily.